Creating Truth from Fiction

Advertising involves an element of fiction. Your reader is not yet your client or your customer, but you want them to imagine a future where your business improves their life. Shaping words to create a vision of how future clients can benefit from a relationship with your company or product is the key to quality content. That’s where Layson Williams comes in at GFX Services.

Layson originally approached writing as an author of science fiction and fantasy stories. As a result, he knows how to spin a tale. Adapting his ability to create imaginative fiction to the needs of Internet marketing only required changing the scope, purpose and goals of his content.

For example, good science fiction has a strong foundation in the truth. Understanding how physical laws might be warped or applied to create fantastic results takes research and attention to detail. So Layson puts in the time to understand the field you work in and the needs of your clients. Then he creates the content you need to cast a vision for your customers of what your products and services will do for them. As a result, what was once just a possibility — improved search rankings and more customers — is now a reality. It turns out that a writer of fiction can also tell the truth.