It’s all about the Birds and the Bees

Custom Website DesignA quality website design is a lot like a flower. How so? A flower is designed with subtle cues that attract birds, bees and other insects. The design motivates the wildlife to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship with the plant. Your website should do the same thing for you and your customers. Skimp on design and instead of attracting customers, you just end up with a website that’s unattractive.

We pay attention to ever changing online technologies and we study how individuals browsing the Internet use those technologies. So we know what it takes to pull people in with your website. Our designs draw potential customers further into your site so that you get closer to starting that “mutually beneficial relationship.” What’s more, our work can be made to broaden your reach, with responsive websites that are friendly to your mobile customers.

Will my website look good?

Our designs features an attractive and professional color scheme, page layout and font set that meets with your approval. Your website is your “look” online. It will reflect your goals, aspirations and vision. Not sure just what those “goals” are yet? Our experience with online marketing and design will help you figure out the people you are trying to reach and how you can best attract them to your site.

What if I don’t have a big budget for a website?

Working on a tight budget, but still need an attractive website? Looking to expand in the future, after the money starts rolling in? We create custom websites where possible, but also have money saving templates for clients short on startup funds. All of our webpages are designed to be fully expandable in the future. When business takes off because the customers are swarming, that will save you money and time during a future expansion.

GFX – we make designs to help you attract a new kind of customer.