ImplementationTool Time!

What’s an implement? It’s a tool.

What’s implementation? It’s the use of tools to do something. In the case of a modern website, it’s the use of a whole lot of them.

When we create a website from “the ground up,” we take the following steps after the information collection and design phases:

  • If it doesn’t exist yet, the first step is to setup a hosting account for you so that your website can be accessible online.
  • We install the application you’ll use to organize your website; content management software is one example.
  • We install the theme of your website, based on our discussions during the design phase. There’s a whole lot of little steps in this phase, but suffice to say your website gets its “look” during this part of the process.
  • We install the plugins you’ll need to add functionality to your website. These are determined based on what you need the website to do for you and how you want it to interact with the public and what sort of information you want to gather from it.
  • Now we perform the security hardening. In essence, we’ve created a building with a foundation, support structure, interior and exterior design as well as appliances. Here’s where you get the security gate, metal doors and an alarm system.
  • Next we add the content — all the graphics and words that people come for in the first place. Optimized content leads to higher traffic right from the start.
  • Finally, if your website needs forms, and most need at least one, we install that at the end.

The last step in the process before going public is finalizing your website.