It’s Like A Focus Group

That’s a good way to describe the process of A/B Testing. Focus groups come together to check out a future product and tell the producers what they like and dislike about it. While they provide lots of feedback and examine your product in the real world, they require lots of time and hours spent talking to people around a conference table.

For online advertising, A/B Testing is the ultimate focus group. Let’s say you’ve done your Keyword Research, you’ve created your advertising content and now you’re ready to launch a Pay Per Click marketing campaign. Since you spend money every time someone clicks on your ad, you want to make certain that you capitalize on every visitor to your website. That’s where A/B Testing comes in.

At the start of the search engine marketing (SEM) campaign, we create not just one, but multiple advertisements. (As in, “Will they prefer A or B?”) We send them all out onto Google, for example, as sponsored listings. Then, we use a host of statistical analysis programs to figure out the following:

  • Which ad generates the most visitors to your website?
  • Which keywords result in the most sales?
  • Which search terms result in the highest bounce rate (visitors leaving your site without getting past the home page)?

Those are some of the most important categories we consider, but there are many others. With the information from this testing we refine the content of your ads, boost the keywords you’re looking for, and eliminate the keywords you are not looking for.

Don’t Leave Your Ad Campaign Without It

A/B testing is essential to optimizing the SEM process. Going without it is like using a scattergun when you need a rifle — a waste of your advertising ammo. Steadily applying the results of A/B testing to your Pay Per Click marketing generates more visitors to your website who stay longer and purchase more products or services at a steadily decreasing cost per sale. It’s the most effective way of tailoring your SEM campaign to finding your preferred customers.

So conduct your own focus group with A/B Testing! With our help, instead of interviewing just dozens of people, you’ll end up hearing from thousands of online consumers.