It’s Not Fire and Forget

Websites are not meant to be a “fire and forget” device — something you blast off onto the Internet and then forget about while it rakes in money for you. The modern site is filled with items that require updating — applications and plugins. It requires new content to remain fresh and competitive. If your site has a database, which most do, that database needs to be optimized regularly.

Your site is comparable to a brand new building. Can you imagine not hiring a maintenance staff? You get to choose the building superintendent, but every structure needs a person or team in charge of maintenance.

Our maintenance program cares for your website using a schedule that fits your budget. It includes:

  • Updating all applications and plugins as necessary.
  • Creating or uploading content to keep your site new. We can even ghost write, if that’s what you need.
  • Regularly optimize your database to increase site performance for your clients.

Remember to plan for maintenance! A website should evolve with time, not stagnate in comparison to your competition. Let us keep your website working even better than the day it was launched.