What If They Started A Website, But Nobody Came?

Your website is up and running and after a couple of weeks you check your search engine results. “Where are we?” “Keep looking, you have to be in there somewhere.” “Oh, here we are – page ten!”

Despondent? Disappointed? Welcome to competing with the rest of the online world for people’s attention.

There’s more to online business than simply starting a website. If your pages lack the proper content, fail to use specific features that search engines look for, or if they lack the ideal formatting, your website will be ranked very low during searches.

That’s Where SEO Comes In

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Unlike the similar service of Search Engine Marketing, SEO does not have an ongoing cost. It’s an initial investment that you make in your website to ensure the highest rankings possible in search engine results. Our SEO program features a three-prong approach and we can provide all three (the ideal) or a combination of these steps.

Content is King

Improving content is the foundation of SEO. If the words people use to search for something specific aren’t on your website, then search engines won’t list your pages. Sometimes there are certain words people use to look up a service, but you don’t use them. Let’s say you sell fancy beverages and you refer to your gourmet carbonated drinks as “soda pop” or “sodas,” but you never use the term “soft drinks” on your pages. Right there, you’ve shut out a large part of your market that would buy from you, because their preferred search term doesn’t point to your pages.

To improve your content we do thorough Internet research to find out just what terms people use when they look for your product. Then we examine your page text to see if you’re making use of those terms. If not, we carefully adapt your pages to reflect what’s happening in the real world.

In addition, regularly updated websites tend to rank higher than sites with static content that never changes. To help you take advantage of this tendency, we can help you create a blog or articles that are regularly updated on your website. You can write them yourself or our cadre of writers can do the research for you. (Being important enough to have your own ghost writer has always been a dream of sorts, hasn’t it?)

You Can Tell A Book By Its Title

If each and every one of your pages does not make use of certain features, you may be hurting your search engine rankings. For example, does every one of your pages have a specific title that reveals what it contains? Do you use headings to separate sections of content? Little things like this are often overlooked and negatively affect your search rankings. We make your pages cooperate with current theory in online search strategies.

No Room for Arachnophobia

Finally, search engines use “spiders,” small applications that search the online world for the information that browsers are seeking. Some types of page formatting and design are more conducive to spider bots than others. With SEO, we make certain that your pages are spider-friendly. We realize that being nice to spiders may be a hard concept to accept, but we’re sure the improvement in your rankings will help you get over it.

The Final Word on SEO

We consider ourselves specialists in this field and experts in understanding search engine dynamics. We know what makes them “tick” and how you can be as compatible as possible without having to spend a lot of money month after month to get higher search rankings. We create SEO campaigns adjusted to your budget and are confident that you’ll see improvements in your results.