I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Spam

Very few people like spam — neither the canned meat product nor unsolicited e-mails.

But e-mail marketing is widely considered the second most successful marketing method behind search engine marketing. Why, if people hate and distrust spam?

Proper e-mail marketing is not spam. You can conduct a successful e-mail marketing campaign that generates results without sending unwanted messages. The following are a few accepted, and even appreciated, forms of e-mail marketing.

Transactional E-mails

If someone makes a purchase or uses your service, people now expect to receive receipts, shipping notices and customer satisfaction surveys via e-mail. Add in new offers, new services or discounts to these e-mails and you increase the likelihood of repeat business.

Your Client Database

Offer people a free service and they’re usually willing to accept it. We encourage our clients to establish an e-mail database, featuring customers who opted to receive e-mails from your company. Usually, these e-mails should provide updates on services, early notice of discounts, coupons for existing customers — you get the idea. The e-mails are designed to match the look of your website, so you have a strong brand association. Ultimately, by offering your clients an advantage by subscribing to your e-mail list, you develop customers eager to open your e-mails, not just junk them.

Traditional Mailings versus E-mailings

It’s certainly possible to track the success of a traditional mailing campaign, but the data gathering possible with e-mail marketing is understandably far more advanced. The statistical analysis of each campaign also makes all successive campaigns more beneficial to your net results and bottom line, as you tailor your advertising to what works best for your business. Plus, the costs of e-mail marketing are generally significantly lower than a print marketing campaign targeting the same number of people.

Spam Does Not Make A Good Gift

So don’t worry about handing people a can of spam and making them angry. We create e-mail marketing that generates customers, not complaints.