Quality Content — Why You Need A One-Two Punch

Website content is essential for two reasons.

“Fly Like a Butterfly”

First, your content is what attracts people to your website. The right words in the right places lead to search engines finding your pages and directing people to your site.

“Sting Like a Bee”

Second, the content is the primary reason people are coming to your website. If it doesn’t grab their attention and easily provide your viewers with what they’re looking for, they quickly move on to the next site in the search results.

This is Not Amateur Night

Some clients provide their own content and on occasion that works out well. On other occasions, the adage “you get what you pay for” comes to mind. While professional content does require paying a writer to create it, we find the results are much better than offering your neighbor’s unemployed child the opportunity to write in exchange for a few bucks or free product from your company.

Original, quality content consistently produces better search results than generic content “borrowed” from manufacturers. In most cases, such “pasted” content actually damages your search engine rating. Ideally, all of your content is unique to the Internet, and your website is often updated with new articles, inventory or blog posts. If we do the writing for you, it is always aligned with your brand, your marketing plan, and your desired “voice.”

The Ultimate in Content

In our most effective product — optimized content — we combine the results of a search engine optimization study with content specifically matched to your business. Such optimized content surpasses all other forms of the written word because it has a backbone based on extensive online research.

Make your website a heavy hitter with content created by our marketing professionals. You’ll see the results — a one-two online punch.