I’ll Have What They’re Having

When you visit a restaurant, you’re after a good meal. On occasion, you look at someone else’s dish and think: “I want what they’re having!” Sometimes you feel like that about your website.

The website with the #1 search engine rank always has an excellent marketing plan. How are they doing it? What have they got that you haven’t? How can you improve your rankings and start eating at the same table?

Principles Are Good, Data is Better

We can certainly examine your website and using understood principles of search engine rankings, we can create improvements based on this information alone. If you want the best results, however, you need to understand how your competitors present themselves and how the online world finds your business. We accomplish this with a competitor analysis and keyword research.

Competitor Analysis

Your goal is to be on the first page of the search engine rankings. While there’s certainly some business to be had beyond the first page, the typical online buyer finds what they want on that front page. How do companies get there in the first place? We examine the trends amongst these websites and apply the lessons learned to your own website’s structure, content and design.

Keyword Research

As mentioned in our sections on search engine optimization and content development, the words in your articles, descriptions and web pages go a long way towards generating your search engine ranking. Keyword research resolves the issue of what words and phrases are typically used to find businesses like yours in the first place. Without this type of research, we can only make our best assumption about the words and phrases that should appear in your content. With keyword research, we know exactly what the majority of people type in the search box when they want what you provide.

Give My Compliments to the Chef

If you want us to cook you up some improvements to your search engine rank, we need to know what ingredients to use on your website. Employing competitor analysis and keyword research is an investment in creating a steady diet of online customers.