Rolling Up Our Sleeves

As we mentioned, the development process is where we actually go from the theoretical plans of the design phase to the actual digital manifestation of your website. If you have not gone through the design phase with us, or if you need added functionality for an existing website, we get started with some information gathering.

After everyone understands the scope of the project, we begin implementing the plan. Here’s where the HTML and CSS coding takes place, the creation of templates, the writing and installation of applications, the establishment of security protocols and the production of web-friendly graphics and content.

Finalizing is the process of checking, proofing and testing. We make certain that there’s no broken links, test all the forms and functions and prep the site for release to the online world.

Finally, there’s maintenance. In this sense a website is like a building — it won’t stay pretty for long without someone taking care of it. It’s not because the pages collect dust or the corners cobwebs. With any digital technology, issues crop up, software needs to be updated and new material needs to be added while existing material is adjusted. You can do it yourself or we can do it for you, but someone needs to do it.

Let’s get to work!