Building a Better Website!

A website is much more than some words, a few pictures and a couple of color choices slapped together with cut and paste. Oh, you can certainly put something like that online, but we could compare it to driving a Model T Ford on Germany’s “no speed limits” Autobahn — it’s just not in your best interests.

The Ultimate Internet Machine

When we build a website, there’s a lot of work goes into planning, design and “under the hood.” We help you determine the scope of your project, your purpose, your marketing focus and content. We develop the design using the latest web standards and technologies, create your pages on a solid backbone of reliable content management software and add user-friendly applications to help you track how people use your website. To paraphrase a famous automaker, we create the Ultimate Internet Machine.

But I Just Want a Website

Building you a website is why we’re here and we believe it should apply the latest technologies for your benefit, seamlessly and without major effort on your part. After all, when you buy a car, you’re not expected to pick up a wrench and crank a few bolts before you turn the engine over. “Some assembly required” is not a phrase you expect to see at the dealership. You pick the color, the type, the options you can afford and happily drive it off the lot. We want your experience in “buying” a website to be similar.

Which Brings Us to the Autostadt

Millions of car buyers in Germany wanted to know more about how their automobile was made. After ordering in advance with specialized customizations, they have the option of picking up their car a few months later at the factory. To reveal these new cars, and the process behind their creation, Volkswagen spent nearly half a billion dollars to make the Autostadt — a factory site, test track and museum that lets buyers experience the process of making a car. It’s like an automobile delivery room with high tech displays on how their “baby” was born. Tremendously popular, the Autostadt receives some two million visitors yearly.

We like to think of our website as a sort of GFX Autostadt — the ultimate explanation of everything that goes into building, maintaining and improving your website before, during and after its release to the world.

We hope you enjoy the tour.