Tools of the TradeQuick! Name the tools used by a carpenter, a mechanic and a lawyer.

You’ll note that they are all completely different, but designed for the job at hand. A mechanic has little use for a briefcase, and a lawyer would look pretty scary carrying around a hammer. In the hands of their respective workers, however, they’re a perfect fit. Likewise, websites must operate on the same principle in order to be effective — some sites need certain tools that others simply don’t require.

We create an important tool for your business

For example, imagine some of the necessary differences between a website for a real estate company and a website dedicated to selling cosmetics online. What a business or group of people do, and how they do it, must be understood when we recommend the design and features their website requires. That’s how we connect people with the right online “tools of the trade.”

Therefore, in this phase of information collection, we need to know how you do business. From start to finish, how does the client interact with your company and what do you do for them along the way? What sort of communication problems have you experienced with clients and how might a website help you fix them? How much time do you or members of your staff have to interact with your own website?

They make tools ergonomic, don’t they?

By analyzing the answers to these and other questions, we figure out what kind of tool you need your website to be and how you will use it from day to day. We then take that information and combine it with studies of how other similar businesses market their services. We’re not out to copy their methods, but maybe your competitors are missing something — something that your potential clients want to see online. Your website is then designed to fit your needs and the needs of your customers. Because we all know what happens to things that don’t fit us: we stop using them. So we make your website “ergonomic” — guaranteed to feel perfect for your business.

The end result — your website becomes a tool that both you and your customers can put to efficient use.