And We’ll Scratch Yours

As you can imagine, there are certain formats for text, logos and images that web developers prefer. While it’s not absolutely essential that you provide your content in these formats, it makes our work easier, which means your website gets done faster and at less cost.

How Giving Us Content in Preferred File Formats Helps You


We prefer vector files that are non-rasterized images (EPS, AI). What does that mean? First, vector files store your image as a series of mathematical data. This lets the file look terrific whether it’s the size of a billboard or the size of a business card, since no matter what its size the appearance is simply recalculated. Your logo represents your business and we want it to look great no matter what the monitor size. When files are rasterized, however, they are made into a bitmap image using pixels of color. These do not change sizes as well as vector files. Using a vector file also means the logo can more easily be edited such as removing the background.┬áIf we need to edit a rasterized file, this can take more billable time than a non-rasterized image depending upon its complexity. EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) is an example of a vector file format. AI files are saved straight from Adobe Illustrator and are also vector files.


We want the highest quality version of whatever file format you have available. This is usually the original file straight out of whatever digital camera you used to capture it. Saving your image with photo software and then sending it to us typically results in some image degradation. Transferring the image from camera memory to your computer and forwarding the image to us leads to the best possible results.


Please submit your text as a Microsoft Word document, but we can work with whatever file format you have available for text.