Call it URLs for Dummies

A previous downside to the use of a content management system was the way they created web addresses (URLs) for the pages stored in their database. Let’s say you had a page titled “Great Widgets” on your site. To your CMS, the URL would be:

That’s a little long and scary looking, yes?

So the concept of permalinks was developed, where your CMS uses the crazy title shown above for internal organization, but to the outside world, the URL looks like this:

That’s a big improvement, wouldn’t you agree? And it’s the sort of web address that’s much easier to remember and for other people to use as a link, increasing the traffic to your page. Plus, search engines are biased towards web pages with static addresses and permalinks over pages with complicated, query-type addresses, so the use of permalinks also helps to increase your page ranking.

So we make certain that your website and CMS is always set to use permalinks, web addresses made simple.