It Hasn’t Died Out Yet!

You’d think that with text messaging, wireless signals, Bluetooth and infrared transmitters, nobody would bother with business cards anymore. Push a button, send your information, between your device and theirs. But guess what? Business cards are still here and they’re still popular — not everyone is ready to go totally digital.

For good reason, business cards are still going strong. The cards we design are a great example of why this little slip of paper can be such an effective marketing device. Your brand, your personality, your contact information — all of that fits on something that you put in a wallet. And they’re way more visually appealing than a string of letters popping up on a phone or tablet screen.

Plus, look at a business card like it’s an adult trading card. If it came with a fat piece of hard bubblegum and your business stats on the back, the illustration would be complete. Still, they take yours, you pocket theirs, and the next time your cell phone quits from a lack of power, you still have their information. So while your smart phone may die, your business card doesn’t have to.

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