If you are interested in having a business card designed, please fill out the following questionnaire so that we can ascertain what your needs are.

    1. What type of business do you have? Please describe.

    2. Do you have a logo that you wish to have incorporated? If so, please upload it here.

      Note: If available, .ai or .eps are preferred formats.


    3. Does your company have a unique tagline that you want printed on the card? If yes, please provide it.

    4. List the information that you would like included on the FRONT of the card:

    5. List the information that you would like included on the BACK of the card if applicable:

    6. If you have existing business cards, what do you like and/or dislike about them?

    7. Provide examples of card designs that you like (include website URL’s, company names or scanned cards)

    8. What type of style would appeal best to your target market? (e.g. Corporate/Clean, Classy/Elegant, Friendly, Artistic/Creative, Casual, Bold/Powerful, Soft/Mellow, Minimalistic, Fun/Playful. etc.)

    9. Do you have brand colors or a specific color preference?

    10. Do you need the same card design for multiple employees? If so, please insert their names, titles and contact details:

    Contact Details

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    • Company Name

    • Email

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