The Finishing Touches

When it’s time to move your website from merely existing on our servers to living large online, we move into the finalizing process. This involves the following steps:

  • We apply your feedback to the final product.
  • We purchase or create any additional graphics necessary for illustrations.
  • All of the websites we create get basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you requested full-scale SEO, then that was already included in your content and page development.
  • We implement Google Analytics so you can see how people use your website — an essential factor in making future improvements for increased stickiness, visits and sales.
  • We run your website through a complete quality control process, putting your links, graphics, text, applications, forms and pages through a final test across various browsers and platforms.

3-2-1 We have liftoff!

We submit the end result to you for final approval and, once we receive the last payment, your website is launched!