So I Made A Facebook Page

Now What Do I Do With It?

People tell you that there’s all kinds of money to be made by joining social media networks. What they never quite get around to explaining is just how that’s true. Sure, you’ve probably seen how social networks can help you find friends from elementary school, but leading to referrals, references and sales? How’s that possible?

Without experience, making your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter page a money maker is a difficult proposition. For the ordinary user, it’s unlikely to be worth your time. For us, we understand how to turn a free site into an advertising juggernaut. It’s called social media marketing (SMM).

We don’t throw around that word “juggernaut” freely. Keep in mind that Facebook has over one billion unique monthly users — that’s a lot of eyeballs looking at Facebook pages. Twitter has 200 million active users. These numbers make TV network ratings look very small indeed.

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

Of course, you only need to attract a very tiny percentage of these people to astronomically boost your popularity, awareness ratings and bottom line. The key is regular content updates, regular advertising on your own pages, and regular discounts and benefits for new and repeat visitors. If you keep people happy, they use the social network to do the advertising for you. Likes, tweets, links, you name it. This is word-of-mouth at light speed.

We accomplish this through a combination of automating certain functions with specialized applications (saving you time), personally handling certain tasks (managing posts and the pages), and using the social networks to promote content on your website. Keep in mind that these networks exist to make money for themselves — not you. At some point you must direct people away from your network pages and to your website. The features we create routinely succeed in accomplishing that and boosting your online profile.

So let us handle the advertising with social media marketing. Your hands will be full dealing with the additional business you’ll bring in. Sounds like a good investment to us.