It’s All About the Wrapping

Let’s say you’re attending a wedding and you’ve bought the perfect gift. You know the bride and groom want it, need it and will love it. Since the gift is so special, you decide there’s no need to splurge on the wrapping. Some colorful newsprint will do — “Where are those Sunday comic strips?”

You can’t imagine it, can you? Yet while you’d be embarrassed to give the perfect gift in such ordinary wrapping, many businesses commit the same mistake when they design a beautiful brochure or professional letterhead and then send their correspondence or marketing campaign in a plain white envelope. The message inside is just what they need, but the wrapping does not complement it.

Complete your brand presentation with an appropriate envelope design. Incorporating your logo and your letterhead in a professional package unifies your message and has the same effect as gift wrap complementing a present.

Yes, they are just going to tear it open, but the expectation created by the wrapping makes it all worthwhile! Make your envelopes letter opener worthy!