Do You Remember the 2400 Baud Modem?

We do. We remember when “going online” meant dialing an online bulletin board’s phone number, signing in via your trusty modem and, unless the board owner was really spending a lot of money on phone lines, being the only person using the board at that moment.

This was no massively multiplayer online experience. There was no massively multi-anything back then. This was the single player online experience. Changing “sites” meant dialing a new number.

And it was still common just over twenty years ago.

The first big change in this process came with the quickly developing world of HTML. This language, still the heart of the Internet experience, opened the online world to web pages.

Then came CSS, a style process that further simplified the backbone of those pages, while significantly speeding up the browsing experience.

Add Java applications, typically by using JQuery, and the web became more than static pages – it became a source of thousands of online applications.

What will be doing online twenty years from now? How will the Internet experience change?

We keep tabs on the upcoming technologies, but right now, we can only give you what the Internet provides. So let’s see how we use it!

Oh, and we promise not to start talking about eight-track cassette players. That’s just going too far back.