Everybody Has One

Since everyone seems to have access to a word processor, everyone can have letterhead. It’s sort of like having a belly button – it’s no big deal, but you’d look pretty strange without one. In the past, going to the print shop and getting raised print for your letterhead, that was a business requirement and a sign of distinction. Serious business people spent good money on quality letterhead.

We still notice the difference between letterhead that’s been rolled out by an inkjet printer and a professionally designed and printed letter page. Nevertheless, professional letterhead design today generally involves much more than asking which font to use and what size type would you like. Modern letterhead invokes color, combines your logo and represents your brand. While you may print the design up at the office or have copies professionally produced, it’s now much more than symbols on a page giving out your contact information. It’s an introduction, a grand drum roll for your message, a first impression.

Wow, that sounds pretty important for something that’s the business equivalent of a belly button.