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The customer is right there in front of you and you want to give them something more than a business card. For trade shows, conferences and appointments, a brochure is the best way to provide your clients with something to think about. Properly designed brochures introduce people to your company and direct them towards the valuable information on your website. Ideally they combine the style and strategy of your other marketing elements (your logo, website and promotional materials) to create a unified message about the value of your offerings.

On a simple budget, brochures can follow the standard three-fold letter page design. For larger companies, a multi-page booklet format provides much more room for graphics and exposition. With the prevalence of smart phones and tablets, many “brochures” might never see print, but are intended for digital download and employ multi-media functions. Even if you intend to have a paper-based product, all of our designs are readily adapted for download from your website, keeping up with the growing expectation for digital information.

Once you have boxes of brochures lined up, what then? We’ve helped customers strategize effective marketing campaigns and can provide a number of suggestions on using your investment for maximum publicity. Whether you decide to use print, digital media or both, we can help steer this aspect of your brand awareness campaign to opening up new opportunities.