It’s Like We’re Building a Sports Car

Making your website perform and then improving that performance is the goal of the development phase. The design phase has created a beautiful body; now your site needs the engine to power it. A combination of Internet programming languages is applied to bring your website to life. Pages are crafted, links are added, images and effects are created and applications are installed.

For responsive websites, rules are written to ensure the best possible page presentation, navigation and functionality for a host of different monitor sizes. If you’re using a Content Management System (or CMS), we create the templates for your pages, establish the page hierarchy and develop the database that maintains your website’s information. For eCommerce, security and safety factors are built in to protect you and your customers. For sites requiring forms, we examine your existing forms and fine tune them for online clients or create them from scratch, based on your input. Practical experience and reams of research are the basis for our expert use of the specific online technologies required for any type of website or online tool.

Here in the development section of the GFX website you can learn about the different programming languages, standards, technologies and applications that go into your web pages. While it sounds technical, we’ve summarized the information so that you can better understand the work involved and make good choices regarding the online tools that are right for your needs.

Our ultimate accomplishment: achieving the best performance possible!