Don’t Forgo the Logo

A friend of ours applying for a job decided to first visit the company’s website. Their site, and especially the logo, was so cheesy that she started to wonder if the business was even legitimate — was it all just a scam, a set-up to con job seekers? Fortunately, the company was real and she got the job, but one of her first recommendations to the new employers was a total revamp of their website!

How about your business? Do you need a logo or is your existing logo looking dated? Visual images create immediate impressions — and they can be positive or negative. A logo is generally one of the first things to attract the eye when visiting a webpage. It conveys a message about the company’s product, it’s work style and the expectations you can have as a client. The lack of a logo, or a poor one, sends the same message that might come from wearing old clothes to an interview. “Nothing to see here! Move right along! Next!” Since another website is just a mouse click away, you need everything at your command to attract and keep your viewers.

We have considerable experience crafting logos for companies in a broad range of fields. What you’ll find in every final product, however, is a sense of all the things that make that business noteworthy. So try us and see what sort of image we can create for your company, because you don’t want to forgo a logo.

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