“This little piggy went to market…”

For the pig’s sake, let’s hope he’s selling goods, instead of being the goods for sale. What did the other piggies do? Here’s your lesson in marketing, based on the nursery rhyme:

“This little piggy stayed home.”

Apparently, this pig has nothing to do with his time. He has no marketing plan. He’s watching TV or playing free apps on his cell phone. This pig is a loser. When the big bad wolf comes, his house is made out of straw.

“This little piggy had roast beef.”

Big sales equal big meals. If this pig can afford expensive meals, he obviously has a marketing plan.  As for the cow, she didn’t believe in marketing.

“This little piggy had none.”

Need we say more? See “this little piggie stayed home.”

“And this little piggy cried ‘Wee, wee, wee!’ all the way home.”

That’s part of a well-known auto insurance company’s marketing plan, so obviously, this pig is making big bucks off residuals for his advertising idea.

The Moral of the Story

The basic point of this tale is that creating and implementing a marketing plan results in:

  • more visits to your website
  • more customers
  • more sales.

While traditional marketing works well locally and is an essential part of what we do, national and international sales require expertise in online marketing. Improving your visibility online is the primary method for increasing page views, customer referrals and completed sales. You can go “whole hog” and order the full-course marketing meal or try à la carte dining — with our advice, pick and choose the services you need most. Either way, you should see improvement in both your search engine rankings and bottom line after developing a marketing plan with GFX.

Just ask the pig eating roast beef.