Clothing Naked Websites Everywhere


Everything Looks Better in Color

Like putting clothes on a store mannequin, a design mockup creates the appearance of your website without anything “live” underneath. We take the wireframe mockup and test various combinations of color schemes, links, backgrounds, images, fonts and text sizes before unveiling your new look. Then we send the page design over for your consideration. Some of the things you will want to consider include:


Estimates on the number of colors distinguished by the human eye vary from 100,000 to ten million! Whatever the number might really be, there are thousands of them that have no place on your website. We find that the color embedded in your pages has a huge impact on people’s perception of your website — for good or bad. So we like to dial in this aspect of the design as early in the process as possible and make certain that we’ve picked the right set out of the thousands of usable combinations. Your color scheme isn’t left to guesswork either, since advanced software selects complementary hues to match a starting foundation color.


Next comes the images we select for use on your website. You may already have some pictures in mind. If so, please visit our page on ideal file formats for the web. Ideally, these are high quality photos or illustrations that reinforce the message of your website. They should be appealing and fit with the other design aspects of the page.

Textures and Backgrounds

Textures give your website a real world feel. Typical textures might invoke the look of leather, wood, stone, fabric or parchment on your website. Backgrounds are typically made of images that accomplish the same purpose — giving your pages some pop and a comfortable identity based on actual objects.


Many effects revolve around giving your page a 3-D feel. For example, shading makes it appear as if buttons are hovering over the page, that the top page is floating over the background, or that “clicking” a button actually depresses it into the page. The purpose is to create the illusion of dimensionality, despite the fact that the Internet is strictly a 2-D experience.

Font and Text

The final aspect of design is the selection of font type and the size of text for titles, subheadings and word content. Since the aforementioned design items tend to have a larger impact on the user’s perception of the page, we design the words to work with the page, and not vice versa. If there’s a certain font that you must have, however, it’s best to let us know early in the process of creating the design mockup. We also determine how much text and how much “white space” will be present on your web pages.

After you receive your detailed design mockup, you can request changes in the any of the above aspects of the design. We want you to be completely satisfied with the look of your pages. After you approve the website’s appearance, we get down to producing the code that makes it all work.

The end result is a stylish site you’ve had a voice in creating throughout the design process.