I Want a Blog (I Just Don’t Want to Write It)

Regular updates are a key to improving search engine ranking and developing a social media presence. One way to address this need is by creating a regular blog post, at least weekly, for your website and then syndicating that blog to your social media outlets. While you need consistent page content, blog articles are an essential adjunct to your website because they also provide a number of benefits.

Timely Subject Matter

Developments in your business or industry may warrant an immediate response. Blog articles are easily created and readily found without having to alter your existing website architecture.

Extra Advertising

Want to announce an upcoming sale or special event? The blog article is one of the first ways to go about it. Provide all the details, rev up your clientele and start your marketing efforts on your own website.

Powerful Ranking Tool

GFX regularly notices that blog articles on a specific subject often rank higher than ordinary competitor’s website pages. Creating a number of articles on a topic, and supporting them with regular webpages, is a powerful tool for quickly increasing your search engine results in certain markets.

But I’m Not a Writer

Here’s where GFX steps in to help. We realize that our clients need us to build websites, but some of you just don’t have the time or inclination to do your own content writing either. Our staff of experienced writers are willing to lend their hands and brains to figuring out how your business works, what interests your customers, and how to best present that material in the “voice” that fits your marketing goals. Many of our clients opt for a weekly blog article and this one extra page, added on a regular basis, can considerably boost the traffic to your website.

Blog articles — with help from GFX, they’re not just for writers anymore.