They Make Standards for a Reason

The head honchos for the languages used by web browsers are the Internet gurus at the World Wide Web Consortium, better known as the W3C. Basically, they’re the people you really shouldn’t mess with when it comes to the web. Since the founding members are the European Union, DARPA and MIT, you can believe that they pretty much know what they’re doing.

What’s On the Inside Determines What’s On the Outside

So we’re determined to create websites that meet the W3C standards, inside and out. It’s a shame to say that while the standards are out there for everyone to read and see, not all developers keep updated about changes taking place on the Internet. Even certain web browsers sometimes refuse to “get in line.” That’s resulted in some web pages and sites that don’t exactly work the way they’re supposed to for everybody.

So How Do I Know My Pages Will Look Right?

To handle the fact that not all browsers follow the standards exactly, before launching your website we routinely perform checks on all of the pages we created, viewing them on multiple platforms, operating systems and browsers to guarantee similar presentations and operation. While it’s impossible to recreate every potential user configuration, we can guarantee that your website will be fully compliant with the standards in place at launch time. We’re just true believers when it comes to being standards compliant.