If you don’t know where you are going, you will wind up somewhere else. — Yogi Berra


What do you want out of a website? Online sales? Business referrals? Information for potential clients? All of these?

We can make any kind of website, from a pre-developed template to a fully custom developed application, but if we don’t know where you want to go, we’re likely going to “wind up somewhere else.” So the primary goal of our information collection, business analysis and questionnaire is to establish the scope of work for your project.

When you construct a building, even before the planning stage, you start with a scope of work. How big will it be with how many rooms? What purpose will those rooms serve and what sort of infrastructure will they require? Without a scope of work, an architect can do little more than guess as to what the client really wants.

Setting our sights on the size of your project

In this sense, designing a website is similar to constructing a building. We need to know the purpose of your website, what sort of design style you prefer, the type of clients you’re trying to reach and what information you already have prepared for your web pages.  Will you need a logo designed or adapted? Do you already have photos and text prepared? If you have these things or want to make them yourself, following our content specifications makes developing your website faster and easier.

If don’t have prepared content, we can provide you with images, a customized logo and professionally developed writing that’s tailored for your field and designed to attract the attention of search engines.

And what is this going to cost me?

Of course, the final consideration is your funding. You can’t buy a luxury car on an economy-size budget. No matter what your cash flow, however, we can find a way to provide you with the website you need — it just might not have all the bells and whistles you wanted.

Later, if you find yourself with extra advertising funds, our websites are designed for upgrading. You can add whatever functions you want, as far as your budget allows. Your economy-size car can now become that luxury car you dreamed of without having to start all over again.

So let’s take Yogi’s advice and spend a little time to figure out just where are we going and how are we going to get there.