All About Analytics

Arianne MillerWhen Arianne Miller came onboard GFX, we all knew why she was here. See, Arianne is an office manager from way back. For every company she’s worked for, scheduling, ordering, billing, calling, communicating, keeping the stars aligned — that’s what she does. Behind the scenes when she can, at the forefront when she must, Arianne makes people work better together.

But then we found out that’s not all she does. There’s this subset of Internet marketing called AdWords and for some of our clients it’s a major part of their monthly budget. When people do searches, the words they use get noticed, and when the right words pop up, companies basically pay Google auction-style to send those eyeballs their way. While a campaign can generate a lot of traffic for your website, it can also wipe out your budget rather quickly and, if it’s not designed right, leave little to show for it.

And that’s where Arianne steps in. Turns out she has a real knack for combining all the tools in the GFX workshop to analyze these campaigns before they even start and then to fine tune them as they continue. These skills with analytics help her to generate results for less than expected, leaving funds for other parts of a website’s development. In truth, when it comes to AdWords and the competition, she’s literally working at a whole different level. Here at GFX, we say that Arianne handling your keywords is like having a ninja princess in your army.

Arianne Miller — you want her on your side.