Programming a Programmer

In the year 2000, Abraham Lopez received his first computer at the age of fourteen. Contained in the hard drive was a manual for JavaScript, the essential programming language of the Internet. States Abraham about this life-changing moment: “When I started reading it, I immediately became fascinated with computer programming.” After devouring that book, he scoured the Internet for manuals and tutorials on Java, HTML, Visual Basic, C++, basically anything he could find that dealt with programming computers and websites for Windows, Apple and Linux. What was the result?

At the age of seventeen, Abraham created his own job, freelancing his skills around the world through the wide reach of the Internet. Now working for GFX, he’s our specialist in the backend of website development — the “nuts and bolts” that make your site perform — creating content management software, administrative systems, and database handlers with PHP or MySQL. Applying his original interest in JavaScript, he also handles the front end — what you see in your browser — with jQuery or AJAX programming. Combine a perfectionist strain with years of experience across all platforms and you have an extremely efficient member of the GFX team. Despite his vast amount of skills and abilities, Abraham remains a humble member of our group and is constantly learning new things. Now he’s mastered programming for mobile apps and offers this service through GFX.

If you require a mobile app or a specialty website, one that can’t be built with “off the shelf” applications, Abraham looks forward to receiving your requirements and giving them life. In our experience, the results are fantastic.