The Word Whisperer

Jessica SchneidereitJessica loves words. Not just writing words, she loves the words themselves. Spend time around Jessica and you’ll hear her play with words, bat them around, toss them about, stretch them, turn them inside out. She loves puns – they come to her at lightning speed — and enjoys making words strut their stuff. She strings them together to convey strong emotions, light-hearted humor, and motivating ideas. Interesting fact about Jessica: on her Twitter account, all Jessica’s original tweets are exactly 140 characters – no more, no less.

Jessica’s writing career began with articles about crafts, pets and homemaking. Then her writer husband was asked to create content for a makeup website (and he didn’t know the difference between blush and a brush), so he invited her to take over. Hundreds of cosmetics descriptions later, she completed her first website project. When an assignment for a baby jewelry site came along, again it was time to bail out the GFX Lead Writer. After the client said her writing sounded like something James Earl Jones should read for radio or TV, she was invited to join GFX as a regular part of the team.