The Optimizer

Russ Miller

You know that feeling you get when something is stuck between your teeth and you just can’t get it out? It starts to drive you crazy, doesn’t it? That’s how Russ Miller feels when your website isn’t running as fast as it possibly can — he just has to do something about it.

So while Russ is great at many aspects of web development, he prides himself on optimizing websites to load each page quickly. Call it dental floss for the Internet, because when pages load slowly, it’s like your website has something stuck in its teeth. And who wants to have a conversation when that’s going on? In the same way, if your pages don’t load in short order, people take their business elsewhere.

So yes, getting people to your website requires marketing, campaigns, search engine optimization and stunning design. And GFX Services does all of those things for you under Russ Miller’s direction. But if the website is slow to show, it’s all for nothing. So Russ has spent years studying and keeping pace with the latest developments in Internet and mobile technology so the things you see on your website and the things you don’t see are both built for speed.

In the business it’s called optimizing and Russ Miller — let’s just call him The Optimizer.