To provide you with content that fits your preferred “voice” and to speed up the content creation process, our writing team at GFX has the following questions for you:

    1. How do you feel about the writing featured on your website at this moment?

    2. What do you want to change about that content?

    3. What parts of that content, and its style, do you want to keep?

    4. If you could pick three adjectives to describe your website, which would you choose?
      For example: Friendly, Technical, Whimsical, Scholarly, Humorous, Artsy, Scientific, Earthy, Minimalist, Comforting, Joyous, Serious, Playful, Academic, Educational, Conservative, Edgy, Aggressive, Passive, Conversational

    5. What is the typical profile of a visitor to your business?

    6. Are you looking to expand your website's demographics? If so, what sort of people are you hoping to add to your list of readers and clientele?

    7. Do you prefer to examine each word before a page goes live or are you open to having an experienced editor check your content for you?

    8. If you could hire someone to do a voice-over of your content, which actor would you choose?

    9. Are their printed or on-line resources available for finding out more about the products and services you offer?

    10. Other Notes?:

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